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The Three Best Casino Table Games

When it comes to casino table games everyone really has their favorite. Plenty of players may like to play other games from time to time, but at heart most of the time people will always head towards their go-to game. The beauty is that the three best casino table games are all very different. Some come down to sheer luck, others involve more than a little skill for the player to perform well. What can be assured is that all are great fun - so here's a run through of craps, blackjack and baccarat - three games you're sure to find in any quality casino.

Craps - The Best For Amazing Fun & Excitement

Nothing beats the fun, speed and excitement of craps. No matter the time of day you'll always find a flock of players around craps table, which is ultimately a game of sheer luck. People have invested years of their lives trying to find a technique or formula that helps direct the dice, only to discover it's genuinely impossible!

There's all sorts of better options but for new players stake a chip on the Pass Line or Do Not Pass Line. The odds are only slightly in favor of the House, with them enjoying a paltry 1.4% advantage. Naturally this makes craps a great game for those confident that 'tonight is their night' and take home some winning on the throw of a die.

Blackjack - The Best Odds (If You Work For It)

Now blackjack is a game you'll find in every casino in the world, the reason being that if casino's didn't offer it they'd be empty. The reason behind this is that it's well know that a seasoned blackjack player can get next to even odds against the House.

At heart it's on first appearances a very simple game. Closest to 21 wins. However behind this facade lies a fiendish game that involves calculating the odds of drawing a card against the opponent's hand. The good news is that even with understanding just a few simple rules players can really improve their odds. Naturally this makes it very popular with seasoned players who prefer to finishing their night at the cashiering booth.

Baccarat - The Best For High Rollers!

Baccarat went out of fashion for a while but has slowly been making a comeback. It's an interesting and extremely dramatic high stakes game which is also devilishly simple. Other games such as roulette and poker could easily have made this list but we'll go with baccarat because it's a real high roller's game.

It's all about a single card draw by the player and the banker. Whoever comes closest to nine wins. It's odds friendly to the player who only loses out in the case that both draw the same distance. In many casinos baccarat has pretty high minimum stakes - $20-50 and even higher aren't uncommon. So if you have a fat bankroll and are willing to take the risk then this is a great, refined game to enjoy. Just know your limits!