Legal Online Poker in Nevada?

Nevada, also popularly known as the Silver State, was the very first to come up with the decision to legalize online poker. The decision was announced on 21st February, 2013 and the day was marked as a historical one not only for the state of Nevada but also for the gambling industry as a whole. The landmark bipartisan bill declaring online poker legal was signed and turned into a law by Republican Governor Brain Sandoval and the law authorized the office of the Governor to enter into agreements with other states which will in effect allow the gambling companies based in Nevada to host interactive gambling for residents of other states. While signing the bill Governor Sandoval had remarked that this crucial law will elevate the gambling frontier of Nevada further and it will have a profound positive impact on the economy of the state.

Before the passing of the bill, there were quite a few gambling companies which had been granted Nevada licenses for online poker but the operations of these companies were limited to only the residents of Nevada. With the bill, Nevada, which is home to Las Vegas, the second largest gambling hub across the globe, has paved the way for national internet wagering.

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The state of Nevada was the very first in the United States to make interstate online poker legal and allow state-to-state gaming agreements, beating New Jersey to the finishing line. Thereby Nevada’s decision to legalize online poker also put into motion a potential nationwide framework for online wagering. Nevada’s legalizing of online poker was warmly embraced by poker enthusiasts across the globe, and Nevada which had always been a hotspot for poker players, both online and offline, have been making big gains from this decision.

USA and online gambling

Online gambling has had a not-so-smooth ride in the United States of America and it passed through an especially undulating terrain when in the year 2011 the America Justice Department declared a ban on online gambling. Thereafter, several state and federal bills were drawn up appealing for a reversal on the ban and regularization of online gambling but none of these bills could actually meet its objective. However, in the year 2012, the American Justice Department took the decision of altering its stance, imparting hope that online gambling will be resurrected in the country.

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Nevada’s rules for online poker players

As per the law, anyone interested in indulging in online poker in Nevada can do so as long as he or she is within the boundaries of the state. Players residing outside the state boundary cannot participate in online poker. The Nevada internet poker sites keep a tab on the location of their players by checking the IP addresses of the new players as soon as the sign in.

Nevada’s earnings from online poker

Once the law legalizing online poker in Nevada was passed, it was estimated that the years 2013 and 2014 will bring in huge revenues for the state. It has been seen that online poker Nevada has scaled great heights after the bill was passed and it has been estimated that around 3 million USD in terms of annual tax revenue can be collected from online poker sites operating within the periphery of Nevada. In fact, according to reports, if Nevada does decide to do away with the boundary limit and expand the online poker NV facilities outside the state then it can earn as much as 50 million USD annually. As of now, the state is contemplating ’compacts’ with other states which take a favorable stand on online gambling thereby allowing hundreds of online poker enthusiasts to play across the state lines.

Nevada online poker tax

The state of Nevada imposes the usual 6.75% tax on online gambling. Nevada imposes a tax of 6.75% on other gaming revenues as well.

Results of Nevada legalizing online poker

After Nevada made online poker within its state boundaries legal, a few other states in the US have been influenced to do the same. The states of New Jersey and Delaware have followed suit and have make online poker legal within its boundaries. Some other states like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois and California are currently contemplating legalizing online gambling within their respective boundaries and might soon join the group with Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Nevada online poker sites

After legalizing online poker within its boundaries, Nevada has legalized three of its eminent and established casinos and these casinos can now extend the services of online poker games to their players as long as the play from within the boundaries of Nevada.

As mobile technology continues to develop at such an unprecedented speed, the ways in which individuals are able to gamble over the internet via applications and websites are becoming more and more sophisticated by the quarter.

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The way in which any given individual is likely to answer this depends on their own personal stance. That is to say, whether or not they deem land based and internet based gambling capable of coexistence. While many online gamblers could objectively be described as cynics, most are realists too. With this, a very interesting dialogue is opened on the topic in question.

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That isn’t to say that some further integration isn’t on the horizon. Gaming establishments are far from numb to the fact that more and more people are turning to app-based playing, and the future will be all the more exciting as a result.